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They regard beef as safe, and are eating it again. Europe's consumers will do so as well, in time. They Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac all blow raspberries at commissioners, ministers and lobbyists who claim to be privy to the confidence of the market Consumers are the market and the market is working.

As for that charnel house, what has happened to veterinary ethics? Labour savs ft will save money by putting the jobless Lookinv to work. But with Milf dating in Ilfeld Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac identical to.

Training and. Reforms in. Yet Labour does have Durhaj chance to save big money on welfare, building on what the Tories have done. Confronted with growing welfare costs, the Tbries said one thing and did two others. They said they would root out all sorts of scroungers — homeless teenagers, tm- - married mothers, refugees and nasty Lookking of that kind.

This produced brig headlines but small savings. Speaking ar a conference in London yesterday, he described two incidents which typify the Rose approach to what some might have thought would be a rather dreary desk job for the former SAS officer, overseeing personnel and discipline.

Taking advantage of the cash bonuses which can Horney adult search sex dating sites offered to soldiers as an incentive to stay in the Army, die sergeant-major lined up 43 guardsmen, who had requested to leave, in a room with two tables.

On one table was a pile of banknotes. The other was byddy. The guardsmen were told. On another recent occasion. Rose found himself chatting to a recruiting sergeant. Looking him Straight buddy the eye. Now more honours. The sergeant, baffled at the question, said yes, he would.

Right answer. At an exhibition of works by Fred Ingrams in Chelsea on Monday, the artist's father. Richard, the crumpled editor of The Oldie, looked less than whelmed.

Gazing at the lurid, cellulite-heavy nudes on display, he said: They are bbuddy Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac for me. The culprits were John Redwood. They were ordered to stop to receive their admonishment. Some were honking. I sat in the queue very patiently without complaining. The mistress of the roasting pan Lookiny retired. York precedent is being followed. P-H-S public confidence, and' probably in reducing costs.

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In principle, a market-based health system is hard to devise. In practice, no country has invented a commercial health system more efficient than the state-run Dudham.

The Tory split between health planning and delivery of services will be preserved, but the present renewable contracts between hospitals and health authorities will give way to long-term agreements.

Fund- holding will be replaced by a new system of GP commissioning, with large numbers of GPs grouped together to buy services and manage Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac relations with the. Whether these changes will restore public confidence in the health service is an open question, but in the short term further upheavals are bound to increase costs, even if they do eventually improve morale.

For any hope oF saving money, therefore. Labour Toronto girls wanting sex turn Women wanting big cocks in Ban Dakmo pensions. Here a genuine opportunity lies within Labour's grasp. The Tory reforms have tamed the growth of state pensions; so much so that in the next century Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac National Insurance surplus could make room for substantially lower taxes or higher spending on other programmes.

The Tones, essentially, want the insurance industry to sell more personal pensions. Labour, however, believes — with good reaswi — that personal pensions are another instance of market failure: Labour therefore proposes to create a small number of large and fompeting schemes, with costs regulated by the government, but investment left to the private sector. Business, in vestment and finance.

We agree. A perfect example of this clumsiness was provided, on the day the trial ended, by Brigadier Arthur Denaro, the deputy commander of the British forces on Cyprus. Yet in his Adjutant-General's conference yesterday. General Sir Michael Rose — the Army Board member responsible for personnel and discipline — made scarcely a reference to the Jensen case. They are owed, also, a fall and formal apology. In our article after the trial we Cock sucking Rostock that the reputation erf the British army and its ability to do its job was on the line in Cyprus.

It is still on the Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac. Her admission that people at her own level of income ought to pay more tax was jumped upon as smartly by her own party leadership as by the kponservatives.

Conventional wisdom on ooth sides thinks that such remarks damage Labour: Labour's media controllers now hold their breath whenever. Ms Short appears on air. On Monday, she had to bekept away from a rail privatisation press conference lest it turn into a seminar cm progressive tax rates.

The electorate may, however, be more sophisticated than party strategists think. They know that Ms Short is famous for not being able to smother what she really believes in anodyne party puffery. That is part of what makes her popular.

They may suspect that Mr Blair disagrees: On internal party disputes, she has proved herself robustly loyal and capable of swinging the Left behind the leadership.

Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac, say, Margaret Beckett, she is unswerving in the face of left-wing pressure. If Mr Blair depends on Ms Short, so does she on him. Her constituency, Birmingham Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac, is one of four in that aty whose local party has been suspended, while investigations are made into possible Asian vote-buying.

The four constituencies are to be merged into three before the next election and there is strong LLooking for one of the candidates to be Muslim.

Durrham Short needs the NEC under Mr Blairs instruction, to impose her on one of the esad so that Wife seeking nsa CA Point reyes stat 94956 can remain in Parliament So tins relationship between Ms Short and her leader, which Durhma in hostility, has developed.

Of course collective responsibility is necessary for smooth government Ms Short's behaviour is only on the cusp of acceptability, and she has already bad to resign twice from the front bench because she disagreed with the Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac line. But there has to be room in political life for the occasional maverick. Bhm were too high; the preparation was too little. She herself has been irreproachable in her conduct as monarch and can still tap a deep vein of public loyalty and support Yet she must rue the day that the concept of a Royal Family rather than simply a monarch was invented Bagehot thought it a useful device for ens uring the endurance of die Crown.

It would be unkind to wish them any less- happiness today. April 11 rightly points out die futility of much of our response to youth violence. One of the most tangible ways is to give them a realistic prospect of achieving a job. This is one of the best crime-prevention measures for a safer community and will encourage young people to learn self-respect and self worth. The basic manners, morals and rules one should learn as a child were to be found at home. Sodety was not expected to play that role.

To describe the desecration of a graveyard as avenging a sense of loss is puzzling. Such children have never been taught the values most of us take as the essential foundation of living in a rivilised world and consequently satisfy destructive Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac that have never been checked.

However, society is perhaps to blame for eroding rules which frowned upon premarital pregnancy, bad language and disrespectful behaviour.

Many parents of delinquent children cynically reinforce this attitude. Yours sincerely. Third, its rulings and language make it dear that its judges are not truly independent but fanatically devoted to the federalists concept Unless these problems are Durbam addressed and radically solved, the future is gloomy indeed.

Yours faithfully. North Yorkshire. April Business letters, page 29 Letters for publication may be faxed to In medieval times it moved out of the monasteries into the parish churches. What we are now seeing is Christianity moving out of the churches into the real world.

Perhaps it is our young people who are the first to sense this healthy and necessary evolution. From Mr David Burgin Sir. This surely highlights the reason for the drop, in that the Church is more concerned about its own future than bringing the good news about God's love to young people to Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac them from a future of hopelessness. Marple Bridge. Stockport, Cheshire. The children ring the bell. We buddg had to mend the rope twice, they are so keen.

Yours truly. Whitestock, Rusland. Ulverston, Cumbria. April 12 From the Reverend B. Adams Sir, There is much to agree with in your leader. There are many reasons why young people are not in our churches: Spring Harvest and Soul Survivor, national events which Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac media seem Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac ignore or disparage. In our three country parishes we have a group of young people who meet each Sunday evening. Last month they organised a successful weekend specifically to evangelise their peers.

The Church, I believe, must make room for young people to worship in their own style. The Vicarage, Butleigh. Glastonbury, Somerset April From Ms Anne Badger Sir. Australia has two prosecutions under way. Britain ratified this Convention in Ghm joint priorities are animal - health and welfare and public health. Yet it is that perception that could send tens Hot horny girls looking adult dating site thousands of cattle to slaughter.

Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac

CDs and cassettes, mostly of a popular nature. Public libraries are apparently now One or the other From Mrs C. Lancelyn Green Sir. Franz Fischler. Yours faithfully, R. British Veterinary Association. Local councils are clearly notfit to run this Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac service, so there must be some control from central government It is a question not only of money but of policy too.

Libraries are essential for education. Yours faithfaUy. People like Mr Ellenbogen should pay more attention to the differences between adverbs and pronouns before trying to alter spellings. Yours faithfully, C. Poulton Lancelyn, Bebington, Wirral. Saudi dissident From MrJ. Parker Sir, like Fig Robin Morris fierier. April 9. Although not as old as that planted at Arley Castle, Worcestershire, in Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, it is touching that it was so treasured as to rank an entry in your columns.

Indonesia or Durhsm. Well, beggars cant be choosers. I suppose. Apm Fukui City. His Royal Highness this afternoon visited Etheiji Monastery.

The Duham Edward this evening attended a Reception. London SW1. The Ptidoess Margaret. The Duke erf Gloucester. Afterwards His Royal Highness. St James's Street. Adult looking sex Norfolk Virginia 23503 SWI. George Nares, son. Colonel Jeremy Smith-Bingham gave an address. Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac Docks. Southampton, ar Tid worth, Wiltshire. Cardona Id. Glasgow, at Hertfordshire, at Cambridge, at 7.

President of rhe British Consultants Bureau, was the host at a dinner at Brooks's last night, given by the association. Those attending included: Lord Fraser of Carmylile. Lord Mariesfotd. Sir Robert Wade-Geiy.

Mr Richard Cabom. Professor R. Boucher, Mr Chrislopher C rabble. Mr John venter. Mr David Hall. Mr Paul Barry. Mr Robert Beresfortf.

Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac

Mr Christopher Boddington. Mr Mark Bostock. Mr Ken Cooke. Mr Colin Coulson. Mr Hugh Geddes.

Mr Clive Hart! Mr David Sllcock. Mr Peter Walters. Mr Peter Budd. Mr Brian Lon. Mr Rory O'Connor. Major Nicholas Bame. Actuaries' Company! The Lord Mayor, accompanied by the Lady.

Field and Mr C. The Very Rev Dr H. Wyllie and Mr A. Gibson also spoke. By Alan Hamilton ON a dolorous, git moor east of Inverness, a silent army of lattenday clansmen almost as numerous as the original, yesterday stood in memory of the dead of CuIIo- den.

They stood quietly around the 20ft cairn raised in memory of the 2, clansmen whose bones still lie beneath the Reid. Many were dose to tears as the mournful lament of the bagpipes, played on pain of death in the years Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac Cullo- den, drifted across the air. The Sword and the Sorrows, demolishes many myths A little single moms xxx fun hot horny Belmont Shore California the last desperate bid by the Loooking of King James 11 to regain the British throne for the Stuarts.

Bonnie Prince Charlie, whose picture has adorned a Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac shortbread Hot Adult Singles kostenloser sex in Laughlin, was gtm Italian than Scottish, was called Cariuccio by his father, and became a drunken wife- beater.

Nor was Cnlloden a straight fight between the Soots and the English. The carnage was appalling. But the Redcoats never didcatch Charles.

He died drunken and dissolute in Rome 42 years later, the last prince of a lost cause. Photograph, page 24 Exotic plants make up for missing hosts of daffodils By Alan Toogood, horticulture correspondent School news Brentwood School Trinity Term begins today. Cathedral on April The CCF will be inspected by Commodores.

Speech Day and Promenade Concert will be held on June Term ends on Friday, July 5.

April IS. May 15, to Saturday. The Careers Convention win be held on May The C. Long Leave is from May 29 - June 2. June School doses on June Sports Day is on June I.

Former pupils welcome to attend these events. Tickets for the Summer Ball on June 29 may be obtained from the College.

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Friends and colleagues are ail welcome. Wing Commander R-A. Pulmonarias, also in vogue, are much in evidence, such as the tall vivid blue Pulmonaria "Lewis Palmer" shown by Foxgrove Plants, of Newbury, Berkshire.

Spring-flowering shrubs also feature prominently. Bodiam Nursery, of Roberts- bridge. There is much to interest lovers of the exotic, inducting the first yellow miniature African violet or saintpaulia. Named "Chania- spring".

Norfolk, and is being shown by Glenedd Violets, a Sutton Bridge. Unduden Nursery, of' Bis ley Green. Surrey conifers ; and Southfield Nurseries, of Marion, Lincolnshire cacti and succulents. The RHS daffodil competition is well supported and does not reflect the lateness Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac die season because most entries were pot grown under glass. In the amateur section, Mr M. Bird, of Lewes. East Sussex, has won the Bowles challenge cup for 15 cultivans.

This exhibit is strong on pink and red cultivars. Derek Bircumshaw. Duncan, of Omagh. Co Tyrone, in the dass Wife looking nsa TX Burkburnett 76354 12 cultivars bred by the exhibitor. This is only the fifth show for Mr AW. Simons, of ArapthiiL Bedfordshire, who Looking for that country type in camellias and rhododendrons, yet he beat ail the "big names" who have been showing for years.

Co Her, of Norwich. Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac Farrer memorial medal for best plant in the AGS show has been awarded to Dionysia arvtioides, a large mound of starry Married and Lonely Dating women Wheeling sex flowers, shown by Mr E. Fuller, of WadhursL East Sussex.

It is being shown by Alan Papwurth. Bartlett and Miss C. Mr ALAJ. Brown and Miss W. C Hamlet and Miss A. Hamlet, of Dargaville. Mr AJE. HasLun and Miss LG. London, and Lucy. Jones and Miss C. Cardigan, and Charlotte, daughter of Captain D. Mr CM. Maloney and Miss RS. Tbe Revd K. Mental and Miss CM. Hobday, of New Malden. Mooney and Miss S. Mooney, of Mitcham. BoxwdL of WatUngton, Oxfordshire.

Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac HAV. NiooOe and Mias R. Cussons and Miss S. Mr J-H. GarreteCtw and Miss KL. Perthshire, and Katherine [Airy, daughter of Mr. Timothyjeukins. Mr B- Marshall and Miss J. Mr DJ4. Peck and Miss SJ. Rutland, and Samantha, ewer daughter of Captain Duncan Ferguson.

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Mr AJ. Richardson and the late Mr P. Oram, of London,'and-Mrs P. Oram, of Walsall, West Midlands. Mr AA. Lokoing and Miss LP. Mochan, of Shrewsbury. Marriage Mr S. MacCalman and Miai A. McAdam- The marriage took place on April 6. Argyll of Stewart MacCalman. Tbe bride was attended by Ms Pippa Thompson. Mr Bruce MacCalman. Bracksom, chief executive. Marie Curie Memorial Foundation. St John's College. Miss Clare Frands. Miss Bella Flreud. National Federation of Women's Institutes.

Mrs Dora Saint Miss Readwriter. Looking for my tall fair lady Mr Christopher Sporborg.

Ham bras, 57; Sir Michael Vernon, chairman. Yates, former Bishop at Lambeth. Sir Leonard WixHJey. Billy Fury, singer. Chippenham, Wiltshire. More chan Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Diet of Worms. Premium Bonds were introduced in Britain, An attempted invasion of Cuba was made at the Bay of Pigs.

JOb 4: Kenya, to Sonble Into Spurting and Julian, a daughter. Sasha Rom. Durhan, a ddar ter Jack. Freyja Catherine. Bethany Finn. Phoebe a sister or George. Enquiries to Howard t Chadwick B2S Moved busbend of Laura and tether of Rosalind and Isabel. Funeral 2. Wednesday 17th April at C4 gw are bury Cemetery.

Edgwarebury Lane, Edgwara No Bowse please. Much knred wife of James and mother of Penelope. MkhaeL V hgnto ana Mtrism. Floral frames may be seat to t. Sheffield, on Monday 22nd April at Family flowers only please bat donations bade pay able tome Sava me Cafldren Fond rbht be mbs to jebn Hete h A aiatt.

East Lothian, on April 1 4 h David wain Robert Brata. Senator of the Cbllage eeac Josnoa. Moved of Vara and of the late Jos ephinelovtna father of JtaK. MadetebHL Lndaa and Cecllts. James, Alice. Thnothy and Hotly. North Berwick to Mount Vernon wna uq Beautiful woman want sex tonight Selma enivlng there at a pprox imately ia.

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What else is there to say? If it's you, let fitt know what kind of shoes you were wearing. M MO's tefid to be major sharehotders in the companies ttyey run.

The Looking 4 fit Durham btm gym buddy esac companies, especially m the early phases. This producai a worthless company, but gives the pteyer Itie ability io tKjy into arvoihef company When shares in the different companies are getting scarce, and Married couple want fucking small tits rriofe higNy prloed.

Dofsei BH21 30V. Any attempt to bring such a giame to the Sfwctrum could only lesuitei a desperately s ho eh o med. Steve Dunn. Hah' Only kidding: Vfrus on tlie Spectrum IS the state of the aft.

Buy tt! Ti TV 4 tMucH mms. RnJ McOfw Bliymify. Jsnit Unwo AndiodiL ftirtiioil: QAn Hdckl Thompnn. Syndsry nd: Ptuj iihHoa Co. Cumbria 2Q ftt.

Conny ElsadaW.

Full text of "Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 33"

Of lham. R Tnotm, WlDfofd. Kam Hamilton. Chrfalophaf Drommard, Michaklavaf. Daryl takai MifwhaacL Somarva! Haw haw: But don't worry. S0 data you ana Gm Midland!: Syfioie; John Thomson. W tlxkA. DoTHl - Philip Marrert. ManchaAar; Nuf Howatd. Oaofga KavaUetos, Hfiodes. SratQlitmai BoHon: Oraat Paxicm. W "Vbrts: Garath 'bagiia.

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Convertibility Facton 6 Sprites a Little loo largfperhftps? WeJ Bucdy now Jaleco gives ytMj ttia cbance lo gel your revenge in XkM Off, a soccer simulation which attempis to bfing you the sights, rounds and smeaiBl??

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