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Two years ago Steven D. Last Friday he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the same Screw girls Collinsville Illinois, this time in federal court. Attorney Steve Wigginton was "very offended by what he perceived as an extremely lenient sentence for this type of crime.

While Wigginton's reaction is understandable, do we want to let prosecutors try a defendant again whenever they think he got off too lightly the first time around? Not, according to the Supreme Court, if it involves two different levels of government.

According to the "dual girl doctrine, even though Ballinger pleaded guilty to the same crime producing child pornography both times, the fact that it was a state offense the first time and a federal offense the second time means the Double Jeopardy Clause does not apply.

In fact, even if Ballinger had been acquitted in state court Screw girls Collinsville Illinois still could have been convicted in federal court.

It's not clear exactly what the excuse was for making this a federal case, but the requirements are not demanding. The pretext for federalizing other crimes traditionally handled at the state level, such as "bias-motivated" assaults, is similarly slightin Screw girls Collinsville Illinois giving federal prosecutors the power to second-guess state courts whenever they feel like it. How big is Collinsvklle problem?

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A study by the American Bar Association "concluded the number of crimes was by then likely much higher Screw girls Collinsville Illinois 3, but didn't give a specific estimate.

In short, a law professor tells the paper, "There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime.

That is not an exaggeration. More on child porn prosecutions here. Hate crimes.

A hearing on white nationalism produced some agreement that the FBI's hate crime statistics don't reveal strong evidence of a surge. Robby Soave 5.

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Here's why that's a bad idea—and it has nothing to do with God's wrath, women's rights rollbacks, or locker-room predators. Elizabeth Nolan Brown 5.

Haunted Places in Illinois

Police Abuse. The physical evidence at the scene seems inconsistent with the story told by the officers who conducted the no-knock drug raid.

Jacob Sullum 5. Supreme Court.

In his new memoir, the retired justice seeks to justify his awful eminent domain ruling. Damon Root 5.

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Election If the past is any sort of guide to what comes next, his fears about a jobless economy and his policy prescriptions to fix it are completely misplaced. Nick Gillespie 5.

Search for: Email Address. Here's What Happened.

Most Read. Election Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Is Screw girls Collinsville Illinois About the Future of Work If the past is any sort of guide to what comes next, his fears about a jobless economy and his policy prescriptions to fix it are completely misplaced.