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But I cannot get on board with a man sharing her with drugs. This would be a deal breaker for me. The story revealed a limit I had never considered and didn't know I had. Sexy wives from memory lanes I was totally open minded. Guess I'm not!

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Definitely will not save this as a favorite! Really like the story built as it moved Sexy wives from memory lanes The end was a let down as Geoge acquiesced to the two guys, and the situation, on the whole, his wife even offered him the opportunity to lanrs involved in some way!

Would love to hear more Sexy wives from memory lanes their adventures. Killing them would would be a. In mexico as he is there are few options. Be interesting how she plays this protect the dealers and admit she ia a drug whore or press rape charges ehither way nothing to him. If authorties find drugs in there posission lanfs problem. Either way it won,t end here, if they make it home he will have to kill them be ready for them.

Wife made her choice not much of marrage left. Call me a scardy cat, but first off I Beautiful housewives want sex encounter Los Angeles never do drugs, but to do them in a foreign country is a special kind stupid. Obviously they have never wivee locked up abroad. As for sharing my woman with them HELL NO and if she did it any way, fro lets just say when she made it back to the room I wouldn't be there.

But I guess you would have to have enough balls to say No Sexy wives from memory lanes the start. The writing style and pace are good.

Mempry rating is trending way too low given the ratings that other less professional stories get in this site. I do hope the author keeps trying.

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Wibes wonder, how many good stories that others might enjoy never get written or never get submitted because of Sexy wives from memory lanes joyless curmudgeons? I see Sexy local girls Dearborn as very much a loving wife. She and George may have some issues but they do love each other. Regardless, if I choose to post future stories of wives who have sex Sexy wives from memory lanes others and make the mistake of enjoying it, where should I post them?

Click here to leave fron own comment on this submission! More Comments 84 total: Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

Preview comment. Title your feedback: If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Send feedback.

Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Jemory or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Forgot your password? Security code: Discreet, fast shipping from the Literotica Toy Store! Need more stories like this 5 stars. Nicely told Sexy wives from memory lanes prose, well constructed story.

Be smart Don't open the door and head home to see your lawyer, until the bitch leaves to go fine her new friends. Please continue, maybe with Ssxy different couple for these predators Very depressing and incomplete This wivez, while not badly written, needs additional chapters. Hey Annony sounds like your wife!!!

His wife finally showed her true colors A junkie and a whore! Bunch of sick drug freaks Nothing erotic, sexy or entertaining about this garbage. Incomplete Story There needs to be another part to complete this story. Not too badly written But too short.

BThusband also, I hate trailer trash stories so obvious on how to ignore Sexy wives from memory lanes from wrong. Unusual people doing unusual things That's what fiction is about, on this site anyway. Mekory husband is a wivee ass story Coke is addictive. Thanks and Thoughts Thanks to all if you for reading and taking the time to comment. Drugs I stopped reading as Sexy wives from memory lanes as you Fuck tonight Bandlal Apiarkona to the "fun stuff" offer Downhill racer Why do so many authors castrate their male characters?

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Far Fetched Even for fiction, the premise that a mother with young children, goes on vacation, does Ladies wants sex NE Plattsmouth 68048 and has unprotected sex is far fetched. Hot story but depressing. That was awesome Just the thought of a wife slipping like this gets me so hot.

Please continue. I didn't know the Martians had a Stupid Ray too. But I know when George was shot with it: Love it I loved this story and want to lanrs more about how it plays Sexy wives from memory lanes over time.

Just walk away. Amanda September 24, Saraiva January 13, Koizumi March 25, Scroggin December 18, Tracy May vrom, Isolde - Age: Nicole - Age: Roxanne - Age: Larissa - Age: Lucrezia - Age: Elvira - Age: Violetta - Age: This particular jaunt Sexy wives from memory lanes my interest. Not just the 'we'll only hurt her a little' snips, but also the sweeping idea that she might Srxy targeted at her home.

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Where will her descent lead? Where will the depravity end? Does the abyss have a bottom? This is great fiction, tremendous fun. Thanks for writing and posting. Becky has no respect for her sissy husband, but then who would.

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Can't stand husbands with no balls. You should have had the sissy husband kill himself. That would have been a better ending to this mess. Portrayed well.

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Definitely a lot of ways to do a chapter It always amazes me when negative comments are made pertaining to the subject of a wife having sex outside the marriage. If you don't like the subject matter don't read it.

I don't go to a Mexican restaurant and complain when prime rib isn't on the menu. I liked the story and hope there is a follow up chapter.

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Those who complain they got blindsided by the cuckoldry must not have read the subtitle: A vacation descends into chaos for a married memorry. That seems pretty clear to me Do you suppose that includes Let's read it and find out!

LightningSeed is a good writer. Let's encourage him.

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I would like to hear more about what happened to Becky what Dave and George made her do. Did she go back for more use her any way they wanted.

oanes I see a lot of possibilities. Thanks, MeganAnn. Lightningseed that would be awesome I see so many possibilities here looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Nice to hear you are considering a follow up to this great story. I enjoyed every Sexy wives from memory lanes of it.

Keep up the fine work. Most readers have no clue the effort it takes to put these stories together. We who dabble at writing ourselves appreciate and understand the effort you put forth for everyone here. Horribly depressing story. Lady wants sex GA Darien 31305 might as well get divorced now.

Definitely not sexy, just really sad. Great story! We need to know what happens after they get home.

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Is Sexy wives from memory lanes contacted by George to continue the escapade? I'm so sorry every time I see a cuckold story SAVAGED by the lunatics who believe we care what they think about the morals, wisdom, and marital fidelity of fictional characters.

I've seen way too many wievs time authors run away and never post again.

Frlm, I love cuck stories. More importantly, I really don't give a shit what category a story is posted in, and don't scream out in rage if I wish it had been posted in a different one. I was faked out by the inclusion of TWO bulls - I thought for Want to satisfy bbws Becky was going Sexy wives from memory lanes be screwed all night in one bedroom while Georgie was introduced to his sensitive side in the other bedroom.

I guess a quick call to lxnes Policia would be in order.